Goldheart Bullion is a collaboration between Aspial Corporation Limited and Silver Bullion Pte Ltd.

Aspial is a publicly listed Singaporean conglomerate with businesses in jewellery manufacturing and retailing, property development and financial services. Silver Bullion was founded in Singapore in 2009 to leverage the country’s jurisdictional protections. Since then, it has won awards for entrepreneurship and technological excellence. Today, it is firmly rooted in Singapore with its own vault called The Safe House.

Our Vision

We are driven to empower as many people as possible to own solid gold and silver as an investment to secure their future. To make it affordable, you can expect the best price on precious metals at our stores and the best rates when you sell them back to us.

Our People

We have strong financial backgrounds, knowledge of vault management and auditing. Hence, we are able to meet customer concerns like the authenticity of bullion and options for safe storage. In fact, we ensure certainty by physically verifying that bullion or coins are truly investment-grade via our authentication testing service.

To maintain the trust of our customers, we constantly plan for worst-case scenarios while continuously improve safeguards.