Why buy bullion?

Unlike paper currency, precious metals like gold and silver cannot be printed at will. This rarity makes them precious. Little wonder then why gold and silver have been trusted as a valuable commodity for thousands of years and in so many cultures.

3 good reasons to buy bullion:


Purchasing and storing gold and silver is just like saving cash for a rainy day. The added advantage of saving precious metals is that it can help to protect your wealth against fluctuations in currency value.


As an investment asset, buying physical gold and silver is a way to diversify your portfolio. If and when the value of paper currency decreases, at least part of your portfolio will retain its value.


Gold and silver continues to be in demand as jewellery and for its usage in industrial applications. This ensures its timeless value and makes it a lasting legacy for the next generation to take over.

Why buy from Goldheart Bullion?

Solid backing

Goldheart Bullion is a collaboration between Aspial Corporation Limited, Singapore’s first mainboard-listed jewellery retailer, and Silver Bullion Pte Ltd, an award-winning bullion dealer that is firmly rooted in Singapore with its own vault called The Safe House.

Product assurance

Our products are sourced from from mints and refineries that are accredited by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) - arguably the most trusted authority for the world's Bullion Market.

Full ownership

The physical bullion you purchase with us makes you the rightful owner. Your physical bullion are not pegged to any paper certificates or institution.

High liquidity

Physical bullion can be bought and sold within 24 hours daily on live bullion trading market.

Insured storage service

We provide world class storage facility for your physical bullion with 100% insurance and regular stringent audits by independent third party auditors.

Authentication service

We ensure certainty by physically verifying that bullion or coins are truly investment grade via our authentication testing service.

Situationally safe

We are based in Singapore - known to be politically and economically safe and hence, offers the the ideal jurisdiction for bullion storage.


  • When you purchase jewellery, you pay for the value of the precious metals and for workmanship. When you sell it, the price is evaluated only on the value of the precious metal so you lose the money you have paid for the workmanship. Buying .999 bullion gets you more precious metals for your dollar. In addition, investment-grade precious metals are exempted from GST in Singapore.

  • Numismatic products or collectibles are primarily valued for their rarity rather than their actual metal content. They have a very small mintage compared to bullion products. Once they are sold out, none of these products will be produced again. Compared to bullion products, numismatic products will often have a better finish. They may be produced with different special effects such as multiple colours, holograms, gem inserts, high relief and unique shapes. Another thing to note is that numismatics do not meet the criteria for Investment Precious Metals set by the Singapore tax authorities and are thus subject to GST

  • Paper gold is a virtual form of gold which are usually traded electronically. Examples are warrants, options, futures and exchange traded funds. Paper gold is part of the fragile financial system so if there is a systemic financial crisis, the value of paper gold could go down to zero. Physical gold is secure because it is a tangible commodity which you literally own and can hold in your hands.

  • Most of our customers buy gold and silver to diversify their investment portfolio. The value of paper money changes but gold and silver does not lose value. An ounce or gram of gold or silver will always still be an ounce or a gram. However, what you can buy with $1,000 today will be significantly reduced in another 10 years’ time.

  • The spot price is the instantaneous price that one is willing to pay in cash for a unit of gold, silver or platinum. Usually the unit refers to one troy ounce (31.1 grams) of the precious metal and it is normally in US dollars. It is determined in a few major commodity exchanges around the world during business trading hours. Major exchanges are in London, New York and Hong Kong.

  • To align with the market prices of the precious metal as exchanges worldwide begin, the selling prices get updated in short intervals. As bullions are priced with low premiums over the spot prices, we have to keep the prices as real-time as possible. On top of that, our selling prices being in Singapore dollars also change when the currency exchange rate changes.