US Mint American Gold Eagle II Coin 2021 1 oz

US Mint American Gold Eagle II 2021 1 oz  | Metal Money
US Mint American Gold Eagle II 2021 1 oz  | Metal Money
Gold: 1 oz

SGD 2,723.07

SELL BACK SGD 2,153.67

Pricing Details:

We Sell
Over Spot
We Buy
per gram 87.549
per oz 2,723.07

Produced By:

The US Mint. The United States Mint produces circulating coinage for the United States of America. It produces some of the world's best-selling bullion coins such as The American Gold Eagle and The American Gold Buffalo.

Product Details:

The American Gold Eagle is one of the world's most popular investment bullion coins. These coins are guaranteed by the U.S. government to contain the stated amount of actual gold weight in troy ounces. By law, the gold used in the coin must come from sources in the United States, it is alloyed with silver and copper to produce a more wear-resistant coin.

  • Gross Weight: 33.93 Grams / 1.09 Troy Oz.
  • Fine Weight: 31.1 Grams / 1 Troy Oz.
  • New Design Type II.
  • Lady Liberty Flowing Hair.
  • Bald Eagle.
  • 9167 Fine Gold Coin.
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