Queen's Beasts Unicorn 2018 2018

Gold Coin Queen's Beasts Unicorn 2018 - 1oz | Metal Money
Gold Coin Queen's Beasts Unicorn 2018 - 1oz | Metal Money
Gold: 1 oz

SGD 1,841.04

SELL BACK SGD 1,737.87

Produced by:

The Royal Mint is a government owned mint that produces coins for the United Kingdom. Formed over 1,100 years ago, the mint was historically part of a series of mints that became centralised to produce coins for the Kingdom of England, all of Great Britain and eventually most of the British Empire. 

Operating under the name Royal Mint Ltd, the mint is a limited company that is wholly owned by Her Majesty's Treasury and is under an exclusive contract to supply all the nation's coinage.


Product details:.

  • 1 Oz (31.1 grams) Royal Mint gold coin.
  • These coins are of .9999 purity.
  • The obverse features the bust of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • The reverse depicts a finely detailed Unicorn of Scotland designed by Jody Clark.



Weight: 1 Troy Ounce
Face Value: 100 Pounds
Diameter: 32.69 mm
Thickness:  2.7 mm
Purity: .9999

Pricing Details:

Price/Troy Oz
Over Spot
59.191 1,841.04