Fortuna Mercury Business Prosperity Coin 2014

Silver Numis Niue Fortuna Redux Mercury - Cylinder | Metal Money
Silver Numis Niue Fortuna Redux Mercury - Cylinder | Metal Money
Collectibles: 3 oz

SGD 488.00


Produced By:

The Mint of Poland located at Warsaw is a private company which is the only body permitted to manufacture coins and investment products in Poland. They are well known to produce very unique and high quality collectibles that are for die-hard modern numis fans globally.

Product Details:

The world's first cylinder-shaped 999 Silver coin ever struck which pays homage to the ancient goddess and god Fortuna Redux and Mercury. 

Fortuna Redux is a form of the goddess Fortuna, who oversaw a safe return, usually from a long or perilous journey, she was often used by ancient roman emperors as a lucky charm for a safe return from travel or war. 

Mercury is a god of tradesmen and travelers who oversaw a safe return and is a god that ultimately symbolizes a successful business trip home. This coin is considered a lucky talisman for prosperity in business.

  • 93.3 Grams / 3 Troy Oz.
  • Fortuna Redux. 
  • Effigy Of Mercury.
  • Box and Certificate Included.
  • 999 Fine Silver Cylindrical Art.
  • Extremely Limited Allocation To GB.
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