Private Mint Precious Metal Verifier Accessories 0 oz

Accessory Precious Metal Verifier | Metal Money
Accessory Precious Metal Verifier | Metal Money
Accessories: 0 oz

SGD 1,450.00


Produced By:

Sigma Metalytics. A company specializing in creating precious metals verification kits.

Product Details:

The Precious Metal Verifier is used to measure the bulk metal in a bullion bar or coin and ensure that the metal matches the electrical characteristics that would be expected of it.

  • Detects Counterfeit Bullion.
  • Measures Below The Surface.
  • Reads Through Numismatic Cases.
  • External Wand Included For Odd Sizes.
  • Non-Destructive Way to Test.
  • Beware of Cheaper Imitations.
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